Thursday, January 5, 2012

History of Football

The origins of the history of the emergence of sport and football is still contentious. Some of the documents explained that football was born since Roman times, partly explaining football originated from China. FIFA as world football's governing body formally declared that football was born from mainland China that originated from a game of Chinese society until the 2nd century BC to the 3rd. The sport was known as "tsu chu".
In one military document states, in the year 206 BC, during the reign of Tsin and Han Dynasty, Chinese society has played a ball called tsu chu. Tsu itself means "hit the ball with the foot". whereas chu, meaning "ball of the skin and no content". Ball game when it uses a ball made of animal skins, with the rules and enter it kicking and herded into a net stretched between two poles.
Version of the ancient history of football the other country comes from Japan, since the 8th century, the people there already know the game ball. The people there call it: Come here. While the ball is used deer skin, but the middle is a hole and filled with air.
According to Bill Murray, one football historian, in his book The World Game: A History of Soccer, football game has been known since the beginning of AD. At that time, people are familiar with Ancient Egypt and kicking techniques to bring the ball is made of linen cloth bundle.
Other side of history is in Ancient Greece also knows a game called episcuro, none other than the game using the ball. Evidence of this history is reflected in the museum reliefs depicting a young boy holding a ball and play with her thighs.
The history of modern football and has received recognition from various parties, their origins from the British, who played in the mid-19th century in the schools. 1857 embryo's first football club in the world, namely: Sheffield Football Club. This club is an association of schools who pursue the game of football.
In 1863, Britain stood association football, being named the Football Association (FA). The agency issuing the regulation game of soccer, so soccer became more orderly, organized, and enjoyable audience.
Subsequently in 1886 formed another entity that issued the rules of modern football as the world, namely: the International Football Association Board (IFAB). IFAB formed by the English FA to the Scottish Football Association, Football Association of Wales, and the Irish Football Association in Manchester, England.
The history of football getting tested until now IFAB is the body that issued various regulations on football games, either on game techniques, terms and duties of the referee, even until the transfer movement of the player.


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